Our Story

Self-taught pastry chef, Raplheal, bakes and cooks delicious dessert recipes passed down from family and friends. Raplheal's MR. SUGAR® Famous Treats online bakery, first made its debut in April 2021 and soon developed a loyal fanbase in Fayetteville, North Carolina. He is known for his obsession with home baking and classic Southern American sweets, with menu items like Gourmet Big Ol’ Bons® (Cinnamon Rolls), Signature Puddin’®, Assorted Cookies, Seasonings and more. Raplheal is a baker, restaurateur, entrepreneur, TV personality and military veteran. With product lines ranging from kitchen to home on the horizon in the next few years, Raplheal shows you why he's here to stay and become America's next favorite pâtissier.

At MR. SUGAR, we believe in the power of a really freakin’ good cinnamon roll or just a crave-worthy treat. And we consider NO occasion at all to not be a perfectly valid occasion to celebrate yourself or someone else. We hope you’ll agree.

We’re super excited to bake our flavorful treats for those who crave the unexpected. Crave on! #LETSCRAVE